Terms and conditions


General terms

of online platform available on the internet domain nedproject.co operated by
Company number: 13020465 ,
52 Grosvenor Gardens Nwms Office 514, 5th Floor, Belgravia, London, England, SW1W 0AU

I. introduction

1. Operator
1.1. Operator of the Platform, online system NED and related services available on internet domain nedproject.co (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”) is the company NED NEW ERA DEVELOPMENT LTD. , Company number: 13020465, 52 Grosvenor Gardens Nwms Office 514, 5th Floor, Belgravia, London, England, SW1W 0AU (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).

II. Definition of basic concepts

2.1. Cookies - small files including text which are automatically being saved into the computer of other electronical device of the User, using which User accesses the Platform.

2.2. Product price - price of particular Product presented in the Platform.

2.3. User's email address - email address of the User which they used during Registration.

2.4. Client / Buyer / Acquirer - an individual or a legal entity who enters into an Agreement with the Seller, the subject of which is the Product. Only a person with legal capacity and whose legal actions are able to draw consequences intended by law can become a client.

2.5. Visitor - individual who is accessing the Platform and who is not the User.

2.6. NED project - project runned by companies of the NED group.

2.7. Platform - online system runned on internet platform accessible on domain (URL) nedproject.co which allows Users and Visitors to access services of NED project, including the possibility of reservation of business share of NED Company in behalf of Reserving entity.

2.8. General terms - this document of General terms of use of the Platform and the services available on the Internet domain nedproject.co

2.9. Product(s) - products, which can be acquired through the Platform.

2.10. Transferor / Seller - contracting party of the Agreement from the NED group.

2.11. Registration - User's account creation of the User for access to the Platform. The rights and obligations related to the User's account are regulated in Article VI. of these General Terms.

2.12. Reservation - an electronic binding request for the conclusion of the Contract relating to the Product, which arises from the completion of the necessary data in the reservation form and its sending to the Operator via the Platform.

2.13. NED Group - a group of companies running the NED project.

2.14. Service - function of the Platform available to the User.

2.15. Contract - for the acquisition of the Product concluded on the basis of a Reservation.

2.16. Contractual documentation - contract for Product acquisition and other any other documents related to the Product.

2.17. User - individual or legal entity with access to the User account.

2.18. Applicant - User interested in the Product and in Contract concluding.

III. Adherence to the General terms when using the Platform

1. By accessing the Platform, Visitor and/or User agrees to these General terms. These General terms set rules for using the Platform, services included, which are accessible through it and these General terms are binding for every Visitor and/or User.

2. In the event of a breach of these General terms, the Operator is entitled to draw legal consequences against the person.

IV. Use of the Services

1. When using the Services, the User is obliged to follow all principles and conditions that are stated on the Platform within the Services and/or are stated in these General terms, with no reservations.

2. The Services must not be misused by the User.

3. The User may not interfere with the Services or attempt to gain access to it in any other way than through the designated interface and in accordance with the Operator's instructions.

4. The Services can be used only within the limits of valid legal regulations.

5. The Services may be suspended or terminated by the Operator if the User's actions are not in accordance with these General terms and/or legal regulations.

V. Product reservation

1. The Platform allows Product's Reservation within its Services.

2. Product Reservations can be made using the forms available on the Platform. The User is obliged to fill in all required data. The control of the entered data is performed by the User themselve and the Operator is not responsible for its accuracy.

3. The Operator undertakes that each Product Reservation will be documented.

4. The Product Reservation is completed after paying the Reservation Fee.

5. In the event that the User does not pay the Reservation Fee within the period specified on the Platform, their Reservation may be canceled no later than 1 (in words: one) month from the date of the Reservation, unless otherwise agreed with the Applicant.

6. Until the Reservation Fee is paid, the Applicant is not entitled to the Product.

7. The reservation fee is fully included in the Product Price.

8. After making the Reservation, the Applicant will receive an email to the User's e-mail address inbox confirming the Reservation, with payment details included.

9. After payment of the Reservation Fee, the Contractual Documentation is available to the Applicant on the Platform within the User Account.

10. The Operator and the Applicant are obliged, as contracting parties, to electronically sign the accessible Contractual Documentation in order for the contractual relationship to be completed and validly concluded.

11. The User acknowledges that other companies from the NED Group may be parties to the Contract Documentation.

12. By the Product reservation, the User bindingly agrees with these Conditions.

13. Reservation fee
13.1. The User is obliged to pay the Reservation Fee after making the Reservation within the period specified on the Platform, using one of the payment methods accepted by the Operator, namely:
a) wire transfer to a bank account or
b) cashless transfer of the currency unit of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (hereinafter also referred to as “BTC”) or
c) or in another way that the Operator allows.

13.2. The reservation fee is paid to the company from the NED group.

13.3. The payment is considered as paid (i) by crediting it to the bank account of the NED Group company, if the Reservation Fee is paid in FIAT currency, (ii) by crediting BTC wallet of the NED Group Company's.

VI. User account

1. To access the Platform, every Visitor must register.

2. Based on the successful Registration, a User Account is created.

3. Based on the Visitor's request to establish a User account, which is made by filling in the registration form available on the Platform, and by the acceptance of such a request by the Operator, a User account is created.

4. The User may at any time request the Operator to cancel the User account. If the User account is canceled, the agreement entitling the User to use this account also expires.

5. The Operator is entitled to suspend the User's access to the User account in the event that (i) the User violates the provisions of these General terms, (ii) the User is engaged in activity or there is a reasonable suspicion that he is engaging in activity that may jeopardize the functionality of the Platform or such activity contrary to law.

6. User Account data is backed up and may be restored if damaged. However, as part of such recovery, the same state as before data corruption may not be restored.

VII. Withdrawal from the contract for Products

1. The Applicant who has concluded the Contract has the right to withdraw from the Contract without giving reasons and without any sanction within 14 (in words: fourteen) calendar days from the date of concluding the Contract.

2. In order to comply with the period for withdrawal from the Contract, it is sufficient to provably send the withdrawal to the Transferor before the expiry of the relevant 14 (in words: fourteen) day period. Withdrawal from the Agreement addressed to the Transferor must be addressed by the Client to the electronic means of communication of the Transferor or in paper form by post to the address of the Transferor's registered office. As a part of the withdrawal from the Agreement, the Client (Buyer) is obliged to provide his name and surname, Reservation number, identification of the confirmation / Reservation code, and identification of the Product in respect of which he withdraws from the Agreement. The Client (Buyer) may use the form for withdrawal from the Agreement, which is available on the Operator's Platform / annex to these Conditions, to withdraw from the Agreement pursuant to this Article.

3. If the Client (Buyer) rightfully withdraws from the Contract, the Transferor is obliged to return the Reservation Fee to the Client (Buyer) no later than 14 (in words: fourteen) calendar days from the date of delivery of such withdrawal.

4. If, together with the Product, the Transferor and/or the Operator has provided the Client (Buyer) with a gift, resp. a bonus in a certain value, the gift contract between the Transferor and/or the Operator on the one hand and the Client (Buyer) on the other hand is concluded with a termination condition according to which if the Client (Buyer) withdraws from the Contract according to this article, the Contract regarding such gift / bonus effectiveness and the Client (Buyer) is obliged to return the gift / bonus provided to the person who provided the gift (Transferor and/or Operator).

VIII. Protection of personal data

1. The User and/or the Applicant - Entrepreneur - declares that they are entitled to use the contact details of their employees (or other natural persons listed in the Registration and/or Reservation) when making the Registration and/or Reservation.

2. The Operator processes and uses the identification and contact data of individuals provided by the User and/or the Applicant exclusively for the purpose of enabling the use of the Services within the Platform and making Reservations, communicating with the User and/or the Applicant and keeping a list of Users and Applicants. This data is not provided to third parties, except in cases when it is necessary to meet the legal obligations of the Operator.

3. The scope of processed personal data and details of its processing are described in a separated document called "INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA OF SUBJECTS WITHIN THE USE OF THE ONLINE PLATFORM AVAILABLE AT NEDPROJECT.CO", which is available to the User together with these General terms and also is available within the Platform.

4. The Operator is entitled to use the e-mail addresses provided by the User and/or the Applicant also for the purpose of sending information about the Platform's functionalities, including messages about its new functionalities, whereas the User is entitled at any time to refuse further sending of this information to their e-mail in the form of an e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the Operator or in the form of a letter sent to the address of the Operator's registered office.

IX. Final provisions

1. Technical support
1.1. Users are entitled to contact the Operator's technical support via the e-mail address [email protected], which will resolve any questions or requests. Visitors can also contact the Operator via this e-mail address.

2. Change of General terms
2.1. The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally modify or change these General terms at any time, especially due to changes in accordance of legislation, technological changes affecting the functions of the Platform, extensions or changes to the Platform or Services. User will be informed of such change in advance in the form of their clear publication on the Platform at least 15 (in words: fifteen) calendar days before the date of entry into force of the new version of the General terms. The User has the right to reject the change of the General terms by sending a written notice in the form of a letter or a e-mail sent to the address of the Operator; the notice period is agreed for one month following the month in which the notice was delivered. If the User does not refuse changes of the General terms which have been duly notified to them, the use of the Platform is governed by the new version of the General terms. The change of the General terms does not affect already created Reservations.

3. Saving cookies
3.1. By using the Platform, the Visitor and/or the User agrees to the storage of so-called cookies to their computer.

3.2. The Visitor and/or the User may revoke the consent pursuant to the previous article at any time, but as a result of his revocation and non-use of cookies, the Platform may malfunction.

4. Salvage clause
4.1. In the event that any provision of these General terms is or becomes invalid or ineffective, it does not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions of these General terms.

5. Legal regime
5.1. These Conditions, as well as the rights and obligations related to the use of the Platform and the NED electronic system available on the nedproject.co Domain, are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, as amended.

6. Language versions
6.1. These General terms are made only in English version, which is decisive for its interpretation.

7. Validity and Effectiveness of these General terms
7.1. These General terms were issued on the 10.04.2021 and take effect on the 17.04.2021.