ned future

What it will be about?

Prices not only in the real estate market have been breaking records all over the world in recent months. Prices worldwide are being influenced by macroeconomic influences, which are further reflected in construction works, but also in other indirect costs associated with real estates.

Many industries have already undergone major upgrades that could be called 21st century upgrades. There are already onnline applications for short-term accommodations, online hybrid banks have emerged, ordering a taxi abroad or at home in a few clicks has never been easier than nowadays. Although the real estate market is one of the largest markets in the world, there has still not been a global revolution in the way of acquiring properties for sale or rent. The NED Project would like to bring change to this very market, which in our submission has been named NED Future. The NED Future platform aims to become a territorially unrestricted online real estate agency and bring innovative changes in the way properties are offered for sale or rent, all again linked with our digital currency NED.

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