What it will be about?

A blockchain-powered online platform used to store all the important files you can't lose.

Despite popular belief, blockchain does not always equals to a digital currency. Blockchain is an innovative way of storing and manipulating with stored data and files within the blockchain technology. This is why blockchain is also sometimes called a "distributed database", as one file is stored on, for example, 10 other so-called "nodes", where these nodes communicate with each other and perform checks on each other. This ensures that data cannot just evaporate from the blockchain. The Everchain platform will bring a new symbiosis for the storage of important photos, documents and other files that their owner cannot lose, including other benefits and innovations that we are able to create and offer thanks to the way this technology works.

In addition, all data will be stored in encrypted form, so no one except you, the person with the unique private key, will be able to find out what file was stored, by whom it was stored, same as no one except you will be able to open or view the file. Furthermore, this key will only be displayed once when the account will be created and will not be stored anywhere. Thus, you will truly become the sole and absolute owner of your data.

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